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Episode #117: ‘Preparing Natural Gas Utilities for the Decarbonized Future’ with Meena Beyers, Vice President of Business and Community Development, Nicor Gas [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

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Nearly every utility these days has made the leap to set decarbonization targets, whether that’s committing to a certain percentage of net zero, renewable energy, clean energy, or other metric in the coming decades. While the focus for these ambitions often centers on switching electric utilities from fossil fuels to non-carbon alternatives, the reality remains that the natural gas utilities across the country will continue to play a critical role over the coming decades, even with more electrification pushes. But the presence of natural gas utilities doesn’t need to work counter to decarbonization goals, and Nicor Gas is a leading innovator in the gas utility space that is demonstrating that fact.

Specifically, Nicor Gas is also working towards their own net zero goals by 2050, through tools like net zero methane, reducing operational emissions, leak detection, renewable gas pilots, and more. In this episode, the Energy Central Power Perspectives Podcast is joined by Meena Beyers, Nicor Gas’s Vice President of Business and Community Development to highlight some of the unique pilot projects, including their Smart Neighborhoods program, that’s changing the conversation around what a gas utility can do to be a key part of the clean energy future. Listen in as Meena shares with podcast host Jason Price and producer Matt Chester about the Nicor Gas net zero goals and the roadmap to meeting those targets.

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